Notes from the previous meeting:

Discussion items

(tick)Project news

Fritz Mueller:

  • JSR started yesterday and it's ongoing. Most of the DM is busy with that.
  • they're focused on the operations and commissioning activities
  • DM breakout section will be today

Colin Slater:

  • There is a video on ComCam being installed on LSST video channel
(tick)Qserv at SLAC

Latest news:


  • the network configuration of these 6 nodes prevents apps from connecting to the Internet
  • had to use a proxy
  • the real performance of the proxy while ingesting 40 TB  of DP02  was limited by 200 MB/s 
  • in the latest change of networking configuration, direct access to the Internet was enabled. (warning) Though, all external traffic now goes via a software router, limiting the available bandwidth to something like 10 Gbps or less. According to Yee, it was decided by Amedeo P and SLAC Cybersecurity Platoon. Yee thinks that in the future all ingested products should be put onto the SLAC/USDF-local data sources (shared POSIX filesystems, object stores).
  • the Replication system's algorithm for populating the director indexes has poor performance (has restricted implementation preventing it from utilizing available resources). This will be addressed in:

What's next:

  • TAP service
  • performance tests (to compare with IDF)

Fritz Mueller 

  • S3 storage needs to be installed locally for storing TAP service results or enable using the one from the LSST Google Cloud as a workaround
(tick)Status of DP02 team

Colin Slater has it been enabled in the TAP service of qserv-prod? Are the truth tables of the qserv-prod  behaving the way it's expected (like we saw this at qserv-int)?

Igor Gaponenko on the status of the latest version of the remaining tables at IN2P3:

  • they got the "green light" to proceed with updating/ingesting these tables
  • according to my last comms with Gabriele Mainetti, this will happen shortly

Colin Slater:

  • joins from TAP haven't been tested yet (blocked by the ongoing DM reviews)
  • latest changes have already been pushed to IDF
(tick)Progress on qserv-operator and qserv-ingest

Igor Gaponenko on the known issues:

  • the short hostnames for the Replication/Ingest workers that were introduced recently do not seem to work for qserv-ingest due to Kubernetes namespaces.
  • issues with the LSST Logger configuration reported in this development:

Action items