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(tick)Project news

PCW 2022: ongoing discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the conference planning at

It's the SLAC performance review time for some team members. 

(tick)Status of the DP02 effort team

Fritz Mueller, Igor Gaponenko, Colin Slater: status of the truth tables in DP02

  • combining columns id  and truth_type  into a single key id_truth_type has helped to ingest both tables into Qserv
  • two-way JOIN works
  • there is a problem with the three-way JOIN
  • it turns out we need to reingest MatchesTruth  as the partitioned RefMatch table

Colin Slater: on the ForcedSource tables

  • the input data for the table may be ready next week

Fabrice Jammes:

  • status of the catalog in qserv-dev (IDF)
    • tables have been ingested
  • status of the catalog at IN2P3
  • any outstanding issues blocking the ingest?

(tick)Technical discussion on the RefMatch tablesteam


  • How do they work in Qserv?
  • The current version of the Replication/Ingest system doesn't support these tables
  • We may need to ingest TruthSummary of DP02 as the RefMatch table.


  • Igor Gaponenko will work on improving the implementation of the special partitioning tool sph-partition-matches to allow ingesting MatchesTruth  as the RefMatch table
  • DM-35483 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items