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  • Please, add topics below if needed

Discussion items


Project news

Notes from the last DMLT:

  • not much so far, except camera cooling issues mentioned

Progress from the previous meeting Database Meeting 2022-02-23

Fritz Mueller on the "grand unification" of the Git packages:

  • despite remaining concerns on incorporating 300 MB of qserv_testdata , the package will get merged into qserv.
    • (warning) this decision could be reversed based on further experience with the large package
  • qserv_operator and qserv-ingest will be next


Database schema initialization proposals


The topic will be further discussed in the group's Slack channel and/or at the next group meeting after analyzing the proposals. Everyone is encouraged to read the documents and post comments on the Confluence page linked above.

Qserv code quality improvements

C++17 migration:

  • nested namespaces
    • consensus exists
    • should we wait before John Gate's branch gets merged into the main branch?
    • Fritz Mueller is taking responsibility for this effort (using clang-format) by trying to migrate the code
  • (warning) we're relying upon the preliminary version of C++17 that comes with almalinux:8. The compiler version may not be the complete implementation of the target standard.

Unified code formatting (C++) using clang-format, and black for Python

  • will be taken along with the above-mentioned C++17 migration effort
  • we will start with the centralized manual migration effort for all code followed by the automated migration done by the pre-commit hook

Igor Gaponenko is interested in re-organizing R-I system's code within the source tree of src/replica. There are about 460 files in that subfolder. 

  • also proposed to move the unit tests of all modules into the dedicated subfolder (example: src/replica/tests/ )
  • approved
  • Fritz Mueller will help with configuring CMakeFile

Action items