Local: Igor GaponenkoVaikunth ThukralJohn GatesBrian Van KlaverenAndy Hanushevsky

Remote: Fabrice JammesFritz Mueller

Discussion items


  • At DMLT in Tucson - very productive, 5 year re-plan and resource loading needs to be finished 80% by end-of-week
  • Management folks present to answer all questions
  • Preparation for reviews is underway
  • Bringing up DAX services on PDAC should be our point of focus for the upcoming week



  • PDAC - Qserv is installed but still some issues with container management
  • Basic installed image/version and integration tests are working
  • Loading SDSS data in local instance at Clermont. Handing over that config to Igor just in case
  • Stripe82 bulk loading prep is finished, loader is installed on all nodes and data is on GPFS
  • Can use integration test scripts to figure out (reverse engineer) loading procedure like Jason Alt did when he visited SLAC (not recommended)
  • Group decided to name the database at NCSA "stripe82"
  • For backup at PDAC (since no solution exists yet) - can manually copy data dir after loading is finished
  • No update on Swarm yet, just minor xrootd config improvements

  • Consider Rocket instead of Docker for containers?



  • Finished Qserv related issues from last week, on to PDAC
  • Reviewing Fabrice's ticket DM-7104
  • Having trouble pulling Qserv images from docker hub, Fabrice will look into it
  • Need another node for developer specific tasks/monitoring
  • Another procurement of machines coming up next month, can ask for one dedicated for that

  • Alternate option - make a VM in OpenStack and figure out networking options needed



  • Working on Docker containers for services at PDAC
  • Mostly busy with Slack migration
  • SLAC HR told Brian to talk to University HR to create new Big Data positions, for systemwide reclassification definition



  • Working on QA between data at in2p3 vs PDAC

  • coadd, images and forced sources along overlap covers small fraction of the sky, hole in the patch

  • Consider having 2 DBs in Qserv - "stripe82" and "stripe82_v1"

  • Gregory requested having coadd images accessible on GPFS, which is now done and all coadds appear to be there

  • Finishing migration from in2p3

  • Trying a loader config in a distributed fashion rather than how it was done earlier

  • Chunk to worker mapping - consider preloading mapping before loading data with qserv-admin

  • Fritz's DHT prototype could help Igor in figuring out how to parallelize the loader - service model



  • Recently back from CERN
  • Reading up on sizing models



  • Continue to debug spurious recorded values. Narrowed down - observed different numbers for same query!

  • Diff file shows the different values when query submitted at different times on exact same data (same number of lines in result too)

  • Fabien ran his queries directly on the backend REST interface, Vaikunth uses the browser Sense plugin, not sure if that is the cause of the bug/problem

  • Vaikunth and Fritz @ LBNL on Nov 1 for XSWAP renewal strategy meeting



  • Nagios @ PDAC is default, we should ask for Ganglia and not sure whether we should use ELK

  • Lots of options available, more discussion and follow up between Fritz and Fabrice/Fabien

  • Consider moving entire ELK stack config from in2p3 and go all out on monitoring at PDAC? Could also help Vaikunth for XSWAP work