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Local: Brian Van KlaverenJohn GatesUnknown User (npease)Vaikunth Thukral

Remote: Andy SalnikovFabrice JammesUnknown User (oachbal)

Discussion items



  • Documentation on improving container infrastructure underway
  • DM-5039: Jonathan Sick is back so Brian needs to talk to him. Don't want to add too much to LDM-463 but refer/link to it for this ticket
  • Discussion - would it be better to have some doc inside the code rather than update it in LDM-463 for frequent changes (like API parameters etc.)


  • Brian started work on building docker container for DAX
  • Deploying Qserv@newOpenStack@SLAC - issues with SLAC admin stuff


  • DM-6459 ticket under epic DM-6224: RFC done, work from that RFC under review (KT)

  • Work continues on DM-5548 - will likely need RFC too, have a draft but need a discussion session first with KT when he's around

Shared Scans

  • Mem-man mlock function is now locking memory on the cluster with Fabrice's changes - all queries in scan-scheduler running ~twice as fast

  • mlock call takes longer than expected time (~5sec) - made new ticket for this (DM-6518), under review

  • Perhaps investigate further issues in a new ticket


  • Elasticsearch JSON-output parsing finished using R. Organizing output in CSV files to work with for analysis for both us and NERSC

  • Planning on optimizing (and maybe automating?) this parsing for as long as ES doesn't provide native CSV output support

  • Working on having basic plots rest of this month, but complete QueryID implementation missing so results not useful for decisions yet

  • Thinking about potential pitfalls of repeatable vs randomized queries in test-matrix
  • Ticket for cleaning up and adding QueryID at new locations is created, John planning to do on next sprint


  • AndyS back from vacation today, still @CERN and continuing work on assigned tickets

  • Fabrice reviewing John's tickets
  • John's other tickets under review
  • DM-6160 - very hard to figure out whats going on, problem seems to be within log4cxx, help from Fabrice?
  • AndyS' large-results testing underway
  • Mike is @ Director's Review today
  • AndyH  is @CERN, back on 6/20