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Discussion items


  • docker config issues on centoOS7 at in2p3 cluster


  • per docker experts, we'd need to bootstrap container to point to consul server, not worth it, it is an extra layer
  • instead, put config in read only small docker volume, that is easiest way to manage configuration for docker
  • related story: DM-2675


  • running into 2 issues with mariadb
    • "load data local infile" - default mariadb configuration disallows it. Fix pushed during meeting, see DM-5122
    • related to looking for mysql binaries, it looks for mysqld_safe in the path, we now have it in two places (mariadb and mariadbclient). Fix pushed to a ticket during meeting, under review.

Entry points for different db servers

  • need one entry point. Create new epic, see DM-5127

memory locking

  • need to change configuration on in2p3 cluster to increase hard limit

secondary index

  • seeing good performance up to 10 billion entries
  • seeing comparable load performance for several smaller tables and one larger, most likely because didn't parallelized, and loaded data pre-sorted


  • currently can't do director-child join, have to allow it, or allow director-director. Also, child tables currently don't have overlaps

    • create a story for these analysis, see DM-5128

  • do estimate how much effort it is to do multi-DR shared scans on the same cluster (multi-DR in more general terms == multi-tenant)
  • possibly different DRs in different VMs?
  • or scan coordinator, and time slicing (allocating cluster for each scan for a fraction of time)
  • keep 2 latest at ncsa, older public release in the cloud (maybe google, maybe amazon, maybe private)
  • yes we need tool for repartitioning to allow forward-porting science from older to newer releases (for small, L3 data sets)
  • could potentially go with much smaller chunks which would allow keeping the same partitioning and cross-DR joins.