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Discussion items


  • hostname, dns issues. Solved by using NAT, and docker spy


  • latest version (which has useful modules) incompatible with syslogng (which is used on IN2P3 cluster)
  • ask IN2P3 to consider switching to new ELK and not using syslogng


  • need a designated person to bless qserv / dax releases - Fritz
  • planning to migrate Qserv Release Procedure to a tech note
    • issues with readthedocs because of eups (readthedocs needs to build docs, needs
  • eups tags for qserv release - have two options:
    1. proper tags displayed, at the expense of extra recompilation if tag changes but code did not
    2. proper tags not displayed, but we skip recompilation if code did not change
  • we opt for a.
  • would be better to tag everything, yes, including 3rd party modules
    • K-T/Mario would rather not tag 3rd party with monthly or weekly tags
  • would be good to not hide the original tag, e.g. if we tag mariadb as 10.6.1.lsst1, we want to see that version, and m.2016.01 would hide it
  • and eups manifest can hold only one tag per module
    • Frossie will think how to satisfy both needs (smile)

storage/IO updates

  • hardware for czars
    • on average we will have merge from 3 machines, 10 Gbits/machine
    • disk speed (across all chars) should at least match network speed (so 40Gbits/sec)
    • might consider SSD for the results, streaming will happen in small pieces, lots of random IO
  • recovery from failures
    • reserve % of IO for contingency behavior
    • industry standard ~50%. Can't afford
    • resource mgmt / throttling query throughput might help
    • consider 3 replicas instead of 2. Disk are getting denser
  • intermediate results
    • small, even at 6 GB/ high vol query x 100 = <1 TB across 100+ machines
  • Do a tour of LDM-141 storage/IO spreadsheet for the DB group

anaconda dependencies

  • update requests, capture dependencies in .table file before removing anaconda
  • flask now packaged together with 3 other dependencies. It is a bit hacky, there is a silent dependency...

prep for JTM

  • all: should think what to discuss with the other 5 teams, will reuse the google sheet we used before.