Discussion items


  • Entire DB team plans to be there Mon-Wed.  Even Fabrice coming
  • Jeff T. from Oxford coming too


  • running multi node integration test inside docker - query ran interactively works, the very same query ran non-interactive fails with http connection to webserv problem. Still puzzled
  • finally can get core file inside dockers
  • writing tech note about debugging inside docker

in2p3 cluster

  • in2p3 will be upgrading the 1/2 of cluster to deal with kernel panic


  • problems with mariadb / mysql solved by switching to newest version of mysql proxy
  • we are still depending on mysql client because mysql python depends on mysql, switching would impact the rest of the stack
  • maybe ask SQUARE to test the stack with mariadb client?
  • alternatively, when we switch to sqlalchemy that will get solved
  • note that we will need mariadb for pluggable authentication everywhere anyway

shared scans

  • still looking how to avoid scheduling shared scan for the same chunk on multiple replicas of that chunk
  • ideas tossed around involve "relative ordering" to enforce sending all queries to "primary" copy
  • Would like to send interactive queries to least loaded copy
  • still thinking. Not urgent, this is just resource optimization

db/table mgmt

  • document as comment in DM-2802

Planning S16 cycle

  • output captured in JIRA and a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be published soon