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Discussion items

FTE for operations

  •  2.5 minimum, ~3 more realistic


  • postpone. Do proper cleanup of connections from czar to mysql first (see DM-4429)


  • levels
    • info: log sparingly there
    • debug on by default for development, off in production
    • trace - off by default
    • start with almost nothing on INFO, migrate messages from DEBUG to info on case by case bases
  • commented out logging lines - remove
  • would be useful to be able to turn on debugging per query
    • revisit after we have globally unique queryId (coming soon, see DM-4755)
    • note that we might need to pass that queryId around to all functions to make it useful for logging
  • threadId
    • by default long, impossible to remember number, write a function that optimizes it (on Linux). See DM-4766
  • move anonymous namespaces outside of lsst::qserv::<module> namespaces, see DM-4753

MariaDB migration

  • can't have both at the same time, but easy to switch, just few lines.
  • Reason to not just replace existing mysql: it'd break code outside of qserv that is using it
  • issue with mariadb client not talking to mysql proxy still tbd


  • planning to revisit, and run webserv for ipac, blocker1: need to load a small data set, need consistent set of images + catalog. Blocker 2: need to open some ports.