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Discussion items


  • main difficulty: queries with no table
  • can't handle all of them in proxy because it might involve complex UDF that does involve sql
  • so handle all queries of this type in czar
  • not a blocker (Andy temporarily not using sqlalchemy), but needs to be fixed soon
  • Brian will look

Issue with kernel panic

  • looks like it is a bug in docker, kernel 3.19 fixes it, but we run with 3.10 at in2p3 (SL7)
  • could run VM on these machines, but we would still be limited to SL7 / CentoOS7 with old kernel (because of how IN2P3 wants VM to be run)
  • ask IN2P3 admins to upgrade to centOS7 and kernel 4.1 over holiday break

secondary index discussion

  • Mike will redo the xrootd tests

MySQL --> MariaDB


  • need to assign stories to sprints

shared scans

  • discussions about interfaces to Memory Management for shared scans, see DM-4677

Issues with worker after 18h of inactivity

  • Vaikunth debugging with AndyH