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Discussion items


  • NCSA wants it back and wants us to switch to openstack
  • too early, need openstack working more reliably first, most of us are still using lsst-dbdev* 

W16 replanning

  • more refactoring than originally planned (was 60 SPs DM-2607, adding 40 SPs DM-4401)
  • push some work on async queries (DM-2136) to next cycle, and push all DM-3500 to next cycle
    • note, TAP is related to async queries

proxy-czar communication

  • DM-2109 epic goes away, DM-4348 will handle it all


  • maybe Brian can do it?


  • create epic for logging, S16, 3 stories:
    • migrate to stream based logging
    • add structures for XSWAP analysis
    • improve xrootd logging with respect to qserv – no, that is massive (~1 year) project. Simpler: feed of logging from xrootd. Issue: what we stream depends what is turn on (debugging / no debugging)


  • finish scripts to fully automate running multi-node, integrate with jenkins
  • also, would be better to rewrite the scripts in python, current shell scripts easy to break
    • ~3 more days
  • Brian can help
  • add epic to capture this work


  • acting differently for different people, turns out this depends on how we connect to mysql (with/without --protocol=tcp)


  • is not called, debugging

timeout issue

  • problems running queries after ~24h of inactivity
  • issue: in InfileMerger we have mysqlConnection and sqlConnection object, the latter does not have logic for reconnection after timeout.
  • Created DM-4429 issue to revisit need for both.