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Discussion items

Possible topics for a person from slac we are considering bringing to the team

  • secondary index
  • spatial indexing without subchunking

review comments wrt code cleanliness

  • flag issue once per PR

Round table updates

  • Fritz
    • latest xrootd has small (breaking) api change
    • distributed hash table prototyping - will have something to demo and the end of the month
  • Vaikunth
    • has working setup on in2p3 cluster
  • Nate
    • bulter: registration-free: some scope creep. Create new story to capture this
    • DM-3765 pushed to next sprint
  • John
    • good progress with code cleanup, as planned
  • AndyS
    • DM-3574
  • Fabrice:
  • Serge
    • non-lsst work
  • Jacek
    • resource load for long term planning
    • xldbGov
    • provProto

Group dinner planned for Thursday Nov 5, with Daniel. Hopefully Joshua Hoblitt will be able to join us

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