Discussion items


  • Andy working on exposing Facade via swig (DM-2733)
  • push DM-3253 to master now, will deal with migrating away from zookeeper after Andy's ticket done


  • installed latest docker on in2p3
  • integrating docker related configs with puppet
  • have master and worker images ready, trying to run on 25 nodes
  • configuration is part of the docker image, data is not (it is on the host)
  • if run into problems with host name for xrootd, use envvars workaround available (not documented) in xrootd
  • might be useful to organize docker-related session at xldb, decide in November after Fabrice's visit


  • latest proposal: remove LOGF_ with more generic LOGS_
  • if adopted, we will need to migrate ~500 lines in qserv


  • dbserv/metaserv should not break if we push new sqlalchemy-based db (Brian double checking on that)
  • looking into type of returned objects in sqlite

integration tests

  • when run 100 times, tests start to fail
  • traced to running out of space