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Discussion items

  • check if we can talk to port 4040 on lsst-dbdev* from lsst-dbdev (Jacek)
  • DM-2727 (packaging request) - resolve how to deal with packaging such modules at Bremerton
  • DM-2020 and DM-2022 - will try to write up and close (Fritz)
  • DM-2871 butler - really want to close it this sprint. Check with Kian-Tat Lim


  • blocked by newly discovered issue: problems with symbols related to mysql, cssLib needs it, it is already in czarLib, czar imports both czarLib and cssLib
  • right solution: split czar library into several smaller. Non trivial - need to understand dependencies between modules. Create new story in w16 to fix that correctly. Done, see  DM-3447 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • DM-3253 move to W16 (Jacek)
  • DM-3245 move to W16 (Jacek)

Forced sources at in2p3

  • don't use spatial constraints, joins are fine
  • long term issue: if we have more director tables per query, want a way to specify which one is driving

Add story related to LV queries stalling for too long (would it need priorities?). Done, added a note to  DM-2077 - Getting issue details... STATUS , we will handle it as part of implementing shared scans.

Timeout for long running query:

  • short term: make the time out very long (like we do now)
  • Issue with that: we can't detect if client is mis-behaving
  • predict how long a query might take and set timeout? Can't always estimate well
  • periodically poke the worker: ask asynchronously: what is the status of this query? Worker should respond: queued, scheduled, working / started x sec ago
  • see epic  DM-3448 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ask in2p3 team if ganglia monitoring at in2p3 could be made accessible from outside of slac network

Handle better connections problems. Now "uncaught exception" if # connections low and we start many queries and can't connect to mysql. Add story about it (done, see DM-3449 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). Also add comment about about # connections in etc.cnf

Scaling tests

  • ran 400K+ queries during 24h, all worked (50 simultaneous low vol and 5 high vol)
  • now trying 2x more
  • try queries with larger results (now on average 16KB/query)
  • See email from Fabrice "one more test query" (query with large result) and see if that is still failing