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Discussion items

Large scale test

  • data loaded
    • need simple statistics, like size of data loaded
  • Fabrice looking into ELK (
  • Fabrice backing up data
  • problems with rebuilding stack on the build node at in2p3
    • eups uses max # of cores (it worked with 4 and 8, with 16 it is much harder to rebuild the stack)


  • hardcoded limits in qserv (per worker): 32 limit for scanScheduler, 4 for GroupScheduler
  • Fabrice sees no connection leak on the worker, (except on SL7)
  • created story DM-2713 to check for connection leaks in integration tests

Multi-node tests prep

  • Vaikunth working on loader-related issues for case 4 and 5

2605 (packaging flask dependencies)

  • non blocker. Slowly, over the course of the next two months or so

1674 (data ingest)

  • starting, but connection/timing problems higher priority

init.d vs systemd

  • latest distros, like centOS 7.1 rely on systemd instead of init.d
  • too fresh for us
  • install special compatibility packages

We are mixing boost and std

  • created DM-2711, DM-2712

Shared memory implementation

  • ok to restrict to 2 GB