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Discussion items

JIRA "Team" filter changing

  • from "Database" to "Data Access and Database" (done in the evening after the meeting)


IN2P3 cluster

  • have 25 machines, 25 more coming soon
  • installing Qserv on the 25 we have


  • need to deal with build system, see DM-2262

WBS and db epics



  • Questions for Mario Juric: do we have to keep sources associated with SSObjects together with regular sources associated with non-moving objects? It'd simplify database partitioning if we could segregate them into a separate SSSource table. If we can't, then:
    • when deciding on placement for sources associated with SSObjects, we should look at their ra/dec
    • add index on Source.ssObjectId, otherwise getting sources for a given object would require full Source table scan

Data set for large scale tests


  • Andy chasing bug with 2MB limit, will be solved in <1 week
  • wants to improve XrdSsi API (use void, no need to return true/false, these are all async calls)

short/long term hardware planning