The data rights policy for the project is now contained in document RDO-013.  (As of 11/2023 the last change to that document had been in 7/2021.)

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The remainder of this page is unmaintained, but preserved for context.

The background for the data access policies for the LSST project is covered in the main project requirements documents (i.e., SRD, LSR, OSS, DMSR; see parent page).  There are additional project documents which make statements about data access policies, which we collect here (dates and excerpts are as of ):

  • NSF MREFC construction proposal for the LSST (Document-10549, 2011): appendix "Data Management Plan" (pages 208-209 - excerpt)
  • LSST Project Administration Policies (LPM-97, 2013): section 12 "Data Management Policy" (pages 45-46 - excerpt)
  • LSST Data Rights and Data Management Policy (Document-13380, 2015) - NB: not a change-controlled document
  • Data Access White Paper (Document-5373, 2008) - NB: not a change-controlled document

Note from Unknown User (ciardi)

As part of trying to understand the data access policies and available resources, I put together a summary of the DAWP - really more a list of questions to instigate a discussion of the pertinence and relevance of the current version and content of the DAWP (DAWP_summary_20151005a.pdf).  This slide summary is intended only to bring up the discussion - I'm sure that there are other topics/questions/issues relevant to all/other parts of DM.

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