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Discussion items

pipeline --> database

related reading material:

SDQA / loading coordination

  • will do early data processing on a very small data set (~1%), before DRP starts and will run SDQA on it

  • this will catch most problems, but not 100%

  • during DRP, dump intermediate results to internal DRP db. Also, perhaps dump a subset of data (say 5%) to separate database and do SDQA there (that is not the final DRP production db). Then after SDQA done, load into final production DR
    • expecting the load will take ~1-2 days, not weeks
    • intermediate products are owned by Middleware, e.g., Qserv should not delete them after loading is done
  • It is safe to assume object positions won't be affected by SDQA. In case of problems with astrometric calibration, will issue erratum, and fix in next DR
  • Yes, might need to fix some columns - this is the same complexity as adding new columns, flags etc, which we already planned to do

Tiling / processing order

  • buckets / packets of sky. Few 100s sqdeg (so ~15TB or so)
  • nothing global if we make sky tiles large enough

DRP db

  • stores all bookkeeping (provenance, what run what did not, etc)
  • intermediate data products
  • a subset of data (what we need by DRP), eg foorprints of objects
  • might need spatial engine 
  • will run QA here
  • there is desire to keep all files that we will need to ingest to qserv forever
    • this is not in the current storage model, need to add

L3 loading

  • initial implementation: ok to lock entire database
  • if that proves to be too limiting, will switch to more complicated model and will do per-table locking

pipeline --> images

  • just change the location of images
  • get all metadata / provenance from DRP internal db