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  • SLAC-IPAC meeting to discuss metaServ 

Discussion items


metaserv v1all
  • Tatiana Goldina expressed concerns that the current meatserv V1 does not satisfy SUIT needs to get information to build the query search form. Prototype metaserv allows SUIT to get a list of databases, but it's not possible to tell which database has science data, which tables are catalogs, "image metadata", or "forced sources" (used in light curve queries). SUIT needs to know which columns contain object, filter, ra and dec (corners ra and dec for images). We can aim for using “ucd” attribute to identify some of this information, but “ucd” is not always available and several fields might have the same “ucd”, like “pos.eq.ra”. How do we tell which column contains ra for the center of the image and which columns are for the corners? 
  • Brian Van Klaveren is working on implementing VO RegTAP (IVOA Registry Relational Schema) to facilitate data discovery, using VOResource.
  • For images, CAOM will be used to describe image metadata
  • UCD will be used to describe column data, but it might not be sufficient. UType will be explored for LSST specific information, i.e.
  • Question: which team is responsible to define UCD for each data item, pipeline team?
  • Todo: for L3 data ingest into the database, requirement/guidelines for users to provide UCD, mapping the user data into the LSST type so LSP could provide better tool/service.

future topics
  • sync SUIT expectation and DAX implementation plan

Use cases from SUIT:

Please see page Metadata Service for more information.

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