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  • Discuss SUI/T - DataAccess plan and priorities for S16

Discussion items

webserv for SUI/T tests

  • basic version is sufficient, no fancy needs
  • would be better to avoid ssh tunneling, ideally just run on port 80


  • check with NCSA authorization/authentication team with regards to connecting dax services with authentication - would be good to come up with a concrete plan
  • the API will need to be updated to include authentication tokens
  • current thinking: two tokens: application token to certify the app is legitimate and to determine which users it can represent, and user token
  • would be good to have a design (that explains how we will support single sign-on) ~S16 timeframe

query flavors

  • from science perspective, users do not want to think whether it is qserv flavor or mysql flavor, there should be a uniform way to express all queries
  • ADQL might be the way to unify that


  • need to discuss L3 design 

cross DR joins

  • DESC has a use case that involves cross match between DRs, in bulk
  • unclear how often, possibly once per DR
  • would be good to talk to DESC, perhaps during the upcoming DESC meeting in March (Jacek will talk to Richard D.)