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Discussion items


  • need column names in json, it is not supported right now
  • ipac team want to see sample data. (Working webserv made available shortly after the meeting, so it is done)


  • what dialect?
  • it has no nested structures, hard to pass errors. Probably errors should still go via json
  • to pass errors, no nested structures

ipac table

  • fixed field format, have to predict field size, can't stream unless field sizes are known, so problems with variable size.
  • slac team will look into that


  • easier to just convert from json to cvs on ipac side, start with json
  • add support for column names (Brian will do)
  • use DataAcc hipchat room for any issues
  • sync on Wed at 10am (hangout)
  • send a list of port numbers we need open