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Discussion items

Interactive queries with large results

  • at qserv level: if query cost estimate does not catch it, then abort when limit exceeded
  • at webserv level: if result can't be processed e.g. because running out of memory, return part of the result that can be returned, and include metadata explaining what happened
  • need to understand how to abort query that is in the middle of streaming - how to force it to abort reasonably
  • create two new epics for Qserv:
    • streaming results. (Created:  DM-3134 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • detecting and handling unexpected conditions during query execution (e.g. bad chunk, hit per user resource limit). (Created:  DM-3135 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

webserv client

  • in python
  • for testing webserv
  • can be used as a reference implementation for future clients (e.g. java based)

naming modules

  • concern that "webserv", "webserv_client" are too generic
  • decision: add "dax_" prefix to webserv, webservcommon, webserv_client, dbserv, imgserv, metaserv ( DM-3133 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • qserv stays without prefix
  • imgserv is a bit like qserv. Should be for code related to retrieving and serving data over http. Any other code that is generally useful and involves algorithms should be moved to afw