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Discussion items

S15 planning

  • DB plans affecting SUI: ddl, restful API, metadata+db+imageCutout all integrated
  • #1 feature needed by SUI team: integrated db+set of images
  • also, SUI team cares which format will be supported first, ipac table format would be good
    • although it is inefficient (lots of empty spaces)
    • need to discuss early how to pass metadata
  • would be best to have something (even if very basic) working early in the S15 cycle
  • action item for IPAC team: document queries they are planning to run

Tatiana's tests of Qserv

  • 2 problems reported some time ago: DM-1822 (fixed, in review), and DM-1905 (started looking into that during the meeting)
  • need to discuss at DM-AHM how to improve turn around time

Async requests

  • "POST /db/v0/query?type=async" and "GET /db/v0/query/status?queryId=<qId>" look reasonable
  • No need to return any estimates from POST, SUI will just call periodically "explain"
  • Need to add "explain" to the API page


  • need K-T for this discussion, postponing till next time

VO cutout service

Next meeting

  • No 11:00 am hangout next week, because of AHM


1 Comment

  1. Repeating comment from last time: For asynchronous/background requests, I think POST should be used to create a resource that contains the query id in the URL (the status and result of which can then be retrieved using GET with that resource or sub-resources).