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Discussion Items


  • L1 won't rely on Qserv, so no Qserv-specific extensions, otherwise very similar to Qserv (basically, pure SQL)

Once central entry point

  • see SUI HTTP API in the diagrams at LSST External APIs
  • equivalent to "web service" described in Delete me
  • mostly pass through for lower level primitives
    • don't put authorization/authentication or resource mgmt there
  • who owns it?
    • we could define a standard, and each group would do implementation to the standard. Still would need "an owner"
    • to pick an owner, we can look from WBS perspective or who-has-expertise perspective
    • ideally it is a mix of IPAC and SLAC 
    • bring up with Jeff, discuss at next DMLT meeting

VO interfaces

  • no good real implementation of ADQL makes it hard
  • might need some data in database to well support VO
  • lsst needs to start getting involved in VO discussions/groups/meetings
  • need lsst VO champion to interface with VO community
  • KT will talk to Don
  • need VO-related requirements and sample queries
  • Xiuqin will create several tickets to cover VO needs (the way ipac understands it)

Meta Store vs L1/L2 Stores

  • source of truth: always L1/L2 data stores
  • open question: do we need to copy metadata from L1/L2 to metadata store, and transform to make it queryable for VO? Maybe