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Discussion items

jdbc drive

  • finally works (mysql-connector-java-5.1.34)
  • problems with newer version (mysql-connector-java-5.1.6), due to "SHOW COLLATION"
  • fixed after the meeting

account  at ipac for Jacek requested (Xiuqin)

send credentials for slac qserv to Tatiana (Jacek)

going ahead with prototype for metaServ

  • created new repo
  • started work on schema, see  DM-1634 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • is this short term or building production system?
    • short term, will revisit and maybe (big maybe) turn towards production system


  • need to realign terminology: "repo", "data set" etc
  • in butler: data set = collection of rows (e.g. one file)
  • IPAC, and in the proposed schema: data set = set of files
  • action: ipac team will propose

producing a form for capturing metadata about data sets

  • quick and dirty, throw away
  • slac should do
  • try django in python


  • 3: qserv, imgServ, metadata

  • want to discuss shortly
  • IPAC team will document there thoughts (in newly created SUI confluence space)

DDT tables

  • action: Tatiana will provide input

Next meeting

  • no meeting next Monday (Jacek out of office, K-T on vacations)
  • then 2 week holiday break at slac
  • will resume in early January
  • if we need to, we will organize ad-hoc meeting next Tue