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Status of Qserv setup at IPAC

  • new issues related to c-style comments around query text (see: DM-1601)
  • request account for Jacek at ipac (if easy) (Xiuqin will)
  • setup up qserv at SLAC not urgent if we can get a server at NCSA in the next 2-3 months
  • long term: need tools to quickly publish based on the tip of the master

Test data set(s)

  • Serge exporting data set used for IPAC-based qserv to NCSA

SUI-DataAccess testing in W15:

  • SUI - Qserv now
  • SUI - Image metadata ~January

Preserving comments in Metadata store?

  • preserve (next-to-value) comments from FITS headers? Yes!
  • preserve values for the "comment" keyword?
    • long term: yes. Short term: need to look how it is stored (John)

Duplicate keywords

  • caused problems at IPAC in the past. Made assumption: take the last keyword. It worked for one project, not for the other
  • document what we support (we take first or last etc)
  • long term: give users tool that massage the headers if they are in non-supported format

Rebuilding headers

  • tools don't have to rebuild exactly, enough if we rebuild the meaning

Image metadata

  • exposure* tables in Qserv: distributed on each node (or maybe a small central shared file system)
  • small scale db server, for all kinds of metadata including L3 image metadata
  • Level 1. Metadata goes into metadata store within 24h
  • try foreign tables to have everything in one place. If needed, it should be OK to make a copy of DR metadata (but hopefully DataCat will not require that, it requires it now)

Data set descriptions

  • In the short term, need a mechanism to describe existing data sets at NCSA from past data challenges. Long term: will do that programmatically
  • Official source of truth should be database
  • Better to not rely on any text file, don't want file-based implementation
  • So, build a form where people submit information. Input gets stored in database
    • allow updates etc, log all entries in case we need to recover
    • storing all that in lsst10 mysql is fine
  • Filling the form will be required, if you don't fill the form, your data set will be thrown away
  • This might grow into L3 import form
  • What to ask on the form: location, type, purpose, responsible user, level of priority (scratch, short term keep, long term keep), backup or not
  • Dependencies between data sets (like sym links) - should be taken care of automatically