DP0.1 was run with pipelines version v19.0.0 w_2019_46
DP0.2 was run with pipelines version v23.0.0 w_2021_40

With 2 releases per year, there was 2 years of development between versions used:
Release notes can be found for the past 2 years at: https://pipelines.lsst.io/releases/index.html

The major changes include:

  • Generation 3 middleware
  • Difference Imaging Analysis (DIA) Pipeline
  • Native transformation of parquet tables to the standard data model: https://dm.lsst.org/sdm_schemas/browser/
  • Scarlet for deblending on coadd measurement and major change in columns that build up `detect_isPrimary`
  • Streak masking during coaddition
  • Addition of sky objects in Object Tables and sky sources Source Tables.
  • GAAP columns in the Object table for galaxy colors
  • Updated the thresholds for per detector visit-level PSF quality safeguards for inclusion in coadds  ( DM-32625 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).  This is to ensure detectors with "bad" PSF model fits do not get included in the coadd.  Specifically, we set the following for LSSTCam-imSim:
    • maxEllipResidual = 0.0045 (default is 0.007)
    • maxScaledSizeScatter = 0.006 (default is 0.009)
  • Single Frame Configs:
  • + Survey Property Maps

Known Issues:

  • No Forced Photometry on the goodSeeingCoadd templates: aka "light curve zeropoints."
  • Deprecation warnings in logs for PSF.computeShape() deprecation ( DM-34770 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • ComputeShape(defaultPosition) on template errors on imageDifference Task ( DM-32756 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Underestimated variance planes in patch overlaps of templates ( DM-34628 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
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