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Third Party Products

This document records the current state of the third party packages used for any purpose in a DM stack. It is maintained by the TCT chair in order to ensure the LSST Software License is current.

The categories into which such products are divided include:

  • products distributed as an integral part of a DM Release stack. These products must be approved by the TCT when they are added as a component of the Release stack.
  • products which are temporarily part of a DM Release stack. DS9 is an example of a future plug-n-play backend tool which the user will install or not, as desired.
  • products which are only for developer use to assist in debugging and prototyping.

Products considered system dependencies are provided by the users. These products are commonly provided with the operating system.  The list of system dependencies is available at: OSes and Prerequisites.

Distribution of optional packages from the DM software distribution server is allowed (but not mandated) as long as someone in DM is using the package and will own and maintain it. The exact mechanism for claiming ownership is to be determined (See Issue DM-1056 11/2014).




As per DM project requirements, all third party software included in a Release of the DM software stack are to be approved by the DM Technical Control Team. The following tables record the third party products  used by DM software.  The TCT-approved software is in the first table: "Third Party Products - Dependencies distributed as part of the  DM Stack"

The table should be updated by the TCT Chair whenever support for software is added or removed. The TCT Chair also needs to coordinate with the LSST Manager at the 'production-run' site in order to ensure that the servers can support the upgrade.

Additionally, the appropriate acknowledgements for use of new software should be incorporated into the LSST Legal Notices website: .

Information Collected for each Third Party Product

Productname of third party software component
Used byindicates what DM product set uses the 3rd Party tool: Core, Qserv, Sims, Mops
Flavoreither "any OS" or the specific OS 
Versionsoftware release version 
Installeddate approved for use; or the name of the primary 3rd party product which requires this product; or Genesis -> pre-history de-facto approval. 
Statusdate TCT removed product acceptance; or current -> required in current software stack; or inactive -> not currently used but not desupported; or upgraded -> approved for version upgrade. 
Licensesoftware license type for product. 
CpyRt Ldindicates if Product's Copyright has been loaded into the LSST COPYING license statement. Should only be done for 3rd party products incorporated into the Lsst Build target(s). 
URLURL to product.
License URLURL to software license information

Third Party Products - Dependencies distributed as part of the  DM Stack

ProductUsed byFlavorVersionInstalledStatusLicense TypeCpyRt LoadedURLLicense URL
activemqcppcoreany OS3.5.012/2013currentuApache2y
antlrqservany OS2.7.78/2014currentBSDy
aprqservany OS1.3.3-activemqcpp-currentuApache2y
apr_utilqservany OS1.3.48/2014currentApache2y
astrometry_netcore, simsany OS0.50-cfitsio-7/2014currentGPL2&Caveaty
boost1core, qserv, boostany OS1.51.012/2013currentuBoost_OSLy
cfitsiocoreany OS33607/2014currentuNASAy 
doxygencore. qserv, simsany OS1.8.57/2014currentuGPL2y
eigencore, simsany OS3.2.07/2014currentuMozilla PL2y
eups4core, qserv, simsany OS1.2.3018 Dec 2011currentGPL2+ 
expatqservany OS2.0.18/2014currentMITy
fftwcore, simsany OS3.3.37/2014currentuGPL2+ or MITy 
freetdssimsany OS2014.04.074/2014currentLGPLy



any OS1.167/2014currentuGPL3y 
healpysimsany OS1.7.48/2014currentGPL2y
kazooqservany OS2.0b18/2014currentMozilla PL1.1y
libeventqservany OS2.0.16-stable8/2014currentBSD 3-clausey

core, qserv, sims

any OS0.10.09/2014currentApache V2y
luaqservany OS5.1.48/2014currentMITy
luaxmlrpcqservany OS1.2.18/2014currentMITy
luaexpatqservany OS1.18/2014currentGPLy
luasocketqservany OS2.0.28/2014currentMITy
minuit2core, simsany OS5.28.007/2014currentuLGPLy 
mpich2coreany OS1.0.5p4genesiscurrentuGovt Licensey 
mysqlclientcore, qserv, simsany OS5.1.727/2014currentuGPL2&Caveaty 
mysqlproxyqservany OS0.8.28/2014currentLGPL-2.1y
mysqlpythoncore, qserv, simsany OS1.2.3?currentGPL2+y 
mysqlserverqservany OS genesiscurrentGPL2+y  
numpycore, simsany OS1.8.012/2013currentuBSDy 
oorbmopsany OSbeta18 Sep 2009currentGPL3+ &  DM_OOrb_Tar_Ball_Prep 
palpysimsany OS~1.18/2014currentGPL3y
protobufqservany OS2.4.18/2014currentBSD 3-Clausey
pyephemsimsany OS3.7.5.14/2014currentLGPL3y
pyfitscore, simsany OS3.2.47/2014currentuBSD 3 clausey
pykg_configsimsany OS1.2.04/2014currentBSD 3-clausey
pymssqlsimsany OS2.0.04/2014currentLGPL2.1y

core, qserv, sims

any OS2.7.612/2013currentPYTHONy 
scisqlcore, qservany OS0.312/2013currentuApache2y
sconsDistribcore, qserv, simsany OS2.3.07/2014currentMITy 
SQLAlchemyqserv, simany OSnone yetN/A yet MIT 
sqlite3coreany OS3.8.27/2014currentuPublic domainy 
swigcore, qserv, simsany OS3.0.210/2014currentCustom_OSLy 
twistedqservany OS12.0.08/2014currentMITy
wcslibcore, simsany OS4.1412/2013currentuLGPL3+y 
xpacore, simsany OS2.1.157/2014currentuLGPL2.1y 
xrootdqservany OS~4.0.38/2014currentLGPL3y
zopeqservany OS3.8.08/2014currentZPL2; GPLy
zookeeperqservany OS3.4.68/2014currentApache2y|


  • 1: Status of currently approved Boost modules is contained in
  • 2: Status of explicitly approved SciPy modules is contained in  DM SciPy modules. Scipy is not distributed in the DM stack. Users acquire it separately.
  • 3: Jim Bosch, author of C++ template-based ndarray@googlecode & author of LSST m4-based ndarray - says no requirement for secondary Copyright mention of ndarray@googlecode since code covered by LSST GPL license. 24 Jan2011.
  • 4: Whenever EUPS is upgraded, DM package devenv_lsst.git needs the new version number installed into lsst/scripts/
  • u: Eligible for regular 6-month up-rev.


Third Party Products - currently tightly integrated but not provided in Release distributions

ProductUsed ByFlavorVersionInstalledStatusLicenseCpyRt LoadedURLLicense URL
ds9coreany OS3.2genericcurrent??? 
ws4pyFirefly Python APIany OS   BSDCopyright (c) 2011-2015, Sylvain Hellegouarch


Third Party Products -  provided On-Request in Release distributions

ProductUsed byFlavorVersionInstalledStatusLicense TypeCpyRt LoadedURLLicense URL
anaconda any OS1.83/2014currentAnaconda End User License Agreementy
git any OS1.8.41/2015current    

Third Party Products - for Developer use and not provided in Release distributions

These products are installed on the DM development systems for use in implementation and debug.

ProductUsed ByFlavorVersionInstalledStatusLicenseCpyRt LoadedURLLicense URL
dvips any OS20072011currentLPPL (FSF-like) Fedora Core download: TeXLive-dvips 
gcov any OS 4 Feb 09currentNA   
ggcov/tggcov any OS 4 Feb 09currentNA   
freetype any OS2.3.8-matplotlib-currentBSD-like or GPL2 
libpng any OS1.2.35-matplotlib-currentOSL 
latex any OS2.092011currentLPPL (FSF-like) Fedora Core download: TeXLive 

core, sims

any OS1.2.112/2013currentuPYTHON+Caveat 
scipy 2   13 Feb 2013currentBSD 

Third Party Products - previously approved by TCT in past but no longer used

ProductUsed ByFlavorVersionInstalledStatusLicenseCpyRt LoadedURLLicense URL
activemq any OS5.3.2genesiscurrentuApache2
pcre any OS7.4genesiscurrentBSDy 
sharutils any OS4.3.81genesiscurrentGPL2 
tcltk any OS8.5.12-python-12/2013currentuBSD-likey 

Updating the Software License Notices

A restricted list of web server admins are allowed to update the  LSST Software Licensing information located on ''. Contact IainG for more information.

The source files for the Copyright statements in various programming languages is acquired from: LSST/DMS/devenv/templates.git . Update those files as necessary and remember to update the copy in LegalNotices/LsstSourceCopyrightNotice.txt also.

Update LegalNotices/
cp /var/www/html/LegalNotices/<file of interest> ~
# edit as desired
cp <file of interest> /var/www/html/Legal/Notice/
# Check in a browser the content of:<file of interest>