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10:00am PT


DMLT Meeting Goals

  • Weekly meeting to keep the DM leadership team coordinated, informed, and in agreement on the vision, priorities, and challenges facing DM construction, including surfacing and resolving issues and ambiguities needing our attention. The goal of this meeting is to provide information and decisions that help each one of us better direct our own (or our team's) activities.

Discussion Items

Guidelines: Propose items in line with the meeting rationale (see above); include as much information in the agenda notes; summarize, don't go into details while on the call; maximize time available for discussion. 



15 minOverdue RFCs

RFCs with "Planned end" past "now".

Key Summary T Status

  • RFC-305 - Getting issue details... STATUS will be dealt with soon.
  • RFC-280 - Getting issue details... STATUS has been postponed for two more weeks.

5 minOutstanding DMLT actions

See links and action item report below.

30 minChange Control Board report

See also Change requests of interest to DM.

  • There was some discussion on the proposed HeavyFootprints change request ( DM-9962 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). There was some confusion as to whether HeavyFootprints were already in the baseline or not.
  • Unknown User (ciardi) reported that he would send round a draft of the science case for PVI archiving by the end of today. Kian-Tat Lim will provide the sizing and costing estimate.
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann requested clarification regarding whether we are truly promising to deliver dynamically generated products from old data releases. He is worried that there is a hidden cost to promising this that has not been included in the plan and will write up a short note explaining the issues. LSR-REQ-0049 could be read either way. This has some impact on the costing of LCR-908 requesting that we archive all old data releases on disk, since it might imply that we have to include generation of virtual products from an older release, or alternatively, it might imply that we are saving compute resources by no longer having to provide these data products from raw data.
  • Kian-Tat Lim agreed to cost the three proposed changes described above. Mario Juric agreed to provide clarifications for LCR-908 as needed.

5 minHSC PDR1 processing on LSST-VC

Notes circulated to DMLT, 2017-03-31 are available from S17B HSC PDR1 reprocessing.

5 minAttendance at major meetings

Discuss DM attendance at:

DMLT Travel & Availability This Week

NOTE CHANGES TO TRAVEL POLICY:  1) Due to concerns regarding liability, safety and consumer protection, AURA has determined that the use of online rental services such as AirBnB, VRBO, and Homeaway are no longer permitted for official AURA business travel, therefore Erin will not book this type of lodging.  2)  Continental breakfast (danish, pastries, bagels, etc.) is considered a full meal and will reduce breakfast per diem accordingly.  

Matters arising

Postponed for subsequent DMLT / proposed for future DMLT:


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Past action items

Recently created open actions (from the ~previous two DMLT meetings):

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Cristián Silva if you come to SLAC lets have plenty of photos of locks and racks etc ..
Cristián SilvaDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-29
  • Cristián Silva - section on summit/data acquisition  for PSTN-017  
22 May 2024Cristián SilvaDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
22 May 2024Fabio HernandezDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
02 May 2024Frossie EconomouDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22
  • Frossie Economou Write an initial draft in the Dev Guide for what "best effort" support means  
17 Nov 2023Frossie EconomouDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - 2023-Oct-24
  • Frossie Economou Will recommend additional Level 3 milestones for implementation beyond just the DAX-9 Butler provenance milestone.   
15 Mar 2022Frossie EconomouDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2022-02-15 to 17
11 Dec 2023Gregory Dubois-FelsmannDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting - 2023-Oct-24
  • Kian-Tat Lim Convene a meeting with Colin, Tim, Robert, Yusra to resolve graph generation with per-dataset quantities (likely based on Consolidated DB work).  
18 Mar 2022Kian-Tat LimDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2022-02-15 to 17
Richard DuboisDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-29
  • Richard Dubois USDF part in data facilities for PSTN-017 and distrib processing ? 
22 May 2024Richard DuboisDMLT Meeting - 2024-04-22