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Discussion items

NFS / GPFS Switch

  • Home directory switch Jan 19
  • NFS disable Feb 16
  • CLO post : here


  • All known NFS data sets now immutable in /datasets
  • Colin Slater has some pending organization to do (I believe)
  • Hsin-Fang Chiang is taking over approvals for data placement into /datasets

Hardware Contract is complete

  • lsst-db refresh is blocked on discussions about which DB(s) to operate in operations
  • deployment schedule not yet defined (too many variables, not enough time)

Super Computing Demo 2017

  • Need ideas for an LSST demo at Super Computing in November
  • Need to solicit ideas from CLO

DRP data flows

PDAC Service Logging

  • Logging still needed for PDAC services. Not available due to rushed ITC deployment, expectation that NCSA would operate but developers currently are, need to change monitoring access controls to fit this wider audience
  • PDAC teams to start a document to draw out requirements
  • NCSA engineer Unknown User (korrapa2) is working on implementation but on vacation until Jan 20