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  • HSC compute / QA on PDAC-like services

Discussion items

HSC on PDAC-like services
  • Princeton / UW QA'ing their portions of the processing with input to/from SQRE
  • SQRE provides QC, UW/Princeton to provide QA
  • February availability, file products land in /datasets
  • Target reuse lsst-db for catalogs
  • Frequent re-computation will require loading into databases, want this to require minimal effort
    • Fritz Mueller Catalog capacity requirements are minimal, reuse monolithic database. Load easier this way too.
  • Should loop in Unknown User (speckins) for loading experience outside of Qserv
  • Same services as in PDAC. SUIT to produce Jupyter widgets.
  • None of this is base lined yet. DM re-plan needs to wrap up. This environment would be expected at end of next 6 month cycle, likely only portions of functionality. TBD
  • Goal is large-scale QA. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann is writing up plan we might be able to use for understanding and scaling.
  • Steve Pietrowicz need to sync up on expectations.
  •  John Swinbank Retention and growth rates projections for catalog and file-based. January time frame.
  • Setup a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss and sync up. Must wait until after re-plan is complete
 PDAC Topics 
  • Monitoring needed asap Fritz Mueller , does not necessarily need to be ganglia.
    • Nagios can be used in short term
  • Samba mount of GPFS coming soon (TM)
  • Trey Roby working issues with database group and dax

Action items