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  • Update on deployment schedule
  • Nebula expansion including storage changes
  • Integration environment planning (if we have quorum)

Additional Materials


Deployment Schedule
* Cluster Services working on disaster recovey. Work to complete early June
* Storage Expansion working on SOW/networking. Work to complete end of June. Transition may require extended downtime.
* Nebula Expansion working on validation. Work to complete next week.
* Object store test infrastructure waiting on networking. On schedule for end of June.
* Verification cluster waiting on networking. On schedule for end of June.
* Integration environment is in design. On schedule for end of July.

Nebula Expansion
* Lots of behind-the-scenes work to move towards live migration and a higher level of availability.
* Expect compute and storage resource additions available next week.
* New quotas to be around: 2400 VCPUs, 3600-4800GB RAM, 1000 instances, ~100TB block storage, 150TB object store (w/3 replicas)
* NOTE: object store is not yet considered production. Plan to monitor for next 4-6 weeks. Reserve right to reengineer if necessary. Data loss possible!


Integration Environment

 * DB team will lead catalog loading. Significant time investment. Requires shared filesystem for loading (tmp) and local storage for processing due to latency/locking requirements.

 * Stripe82 first, WISE in December time frame. PanStarrs on next hardware cycle. Stripe82 and WISE will be co deployed. 

 * Xiuqin working to get catalog / image space requirements

 * Unknown User (jalt) to ping James Basney about API references for websso

 * This environment does not contain an interactive user node.