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  • No blockers;
  • See the Data Access meeting notes at: LSST Database Hangout 2015-01-07
  • A point missing from the notes:
    • The dataCat system, developed by another group, is turning out to be more useful than expected since it is basically already in the java-based form that Jacek was already planning to implement. Jacek will wait a few days to see how it plays out; the other group thought the DM need was trivial and its realization would only take a couple of hours to do. This would save Jacek quite a bit of time necessary to write a one-off form.
    • Frossie: What is this form?
    • Jacek: We want to have a form where we collect information about datasets that are lying around at various NFS filesystems at NCSA.
    • Frossie: So you definitely don't want to use iRODS, then?
    • K-T: We think that this is at a level higher than iRODS. It's meant to capture information about repositories and not the specific low level details. Although there is a bit a problem because we don't have a really bright line between what SLAC is doing and what NCSA is doing in this area. I got a message yesterday from Don about that. We need to talk and figure out who's doing what, where.
  • K-T has been dealing with a plethora of small stuff but is getting back into working on the butler again.
    • He's run into a blocker because it seems as though the new logger has regressed in its interface and that needs to be fixed. He just ran into that problem last night. He'll look into it. He's optimistic that it shouldn't take very long.
  • Frossie did some JIRA stuff over the holidays which still needs to be finished - especially since she just found K-T's ticket about the RFC being broken.
  • She networked at the AAS and may have found the solution to the tech writer issue. More later as it unfolds.
  • She has started to wade through the newinstall tickets.
    • She really needs Robert Lupton to push the mega release button on GitHub since it will make a lot of things better for EUPS. That flows on to fix a lot of problems for us, too.
time6 minutes