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The contents of this page are outdated. Refer to the DM Developer Guide for current information about communication channels within DM.

Google Hangouts

This google hangout video link may be used for other purposes outside of the times allocated for the Coord Standup meeting.


 HipChat is used to provide the project (including groups outside DM) with an IM solution with history preservation.  There are multiple rooms:

  • The "Data Management" room should be used for general discussion and coordination.
  • The "Software Development" room is for questions about tools, languages, and processes that are not DM-specific.
  • Each team has at least one room.
  • The "Tavern" room is for less serious discussion.
  • The "Tea Time" room for more serious but not directly LSST-related conversation.
  • The "Sandbox" is used for experimenting with the tool.
  • The "New Rooms" room is where announcements of new room creation should be made (using "@all" to notify everyone in that room). 

For now, LSST project staff and close collaborators can get an account by contacting Kian-Tat Lim.

Conference Calls

 An AT Conference teleconference line is used for larger DM group conversations. Speak to your DM liaison to acquire the phone number and keycode.

DM Forum

The HSC Forum at:  is being used to collect user-question/expert-response in order to build a body of knowledge about the LSST stack software.  LSST stack users  are urged to ask their 'how-to' questions on the forum.

DM  plans to setup a DM Forum on the Confluence system in the near future. Stay tuned.

ListServ Mail Lists

The LSST list service is being incrementally migrated from one domain ( to another (

See either of the 2 following list sites for information on subscribing, unsubscribing, or changing your preferences:

Mail lists of particular interest to Data Management afficiandos are:

A low-traffic, moderated, list for DM-related announcements

dm-users@lists.lsst.orgA list for community support of LSST DM software users
dm-devel@lists.lsst.orgA list to support DM software development discussions
data-access-dev@lists.lsst.orgA list for discussing DM Data Access-related development
qserv-l@slac.stanford.eduA list for discussing Qserv-related development
LSST-devel-runs@listserv.lsstcorp.orgAdHoc LSST Development Runs
LSST-dm-db@listserv.lsstcorp.orgAdHoc LSST-dm-db (Database)
dm-staff@lists.lsst.orgA private list for messages to DM staff only. Used sparingly, for announcements, prodding to submit reports or update progress status, etc.
LSST-dm-tct@listserv.lsstcorp.orgA private list for DM Technical Control Team messages.
LSST-dmlt@listserv.lsstcorp.orgA private list for DM Leadership Team messages.

Retired, replaced by: dm-announce
LSST-dm-stack-users@listserv.lsstcorp.orgRetired, replaced by: dm_users. Retired; replaced by: dm-devel; retained as archive.
  • DM Meetings:  links to read-only calendar; to write enable, see "Setting Up Calendar Access" below.
  • DM Travel:    links to read-only calendar; to write enable, see "Setting Up Calendar Access" below. 

The DM Meetings calendar lists all DM meetings. Clicking on a meeting entry will get you the details of the meeting and the videocon link, if it's being done via videocon. The calendar is visible to the public. It is also explicitly shared to all members of DM so that any DM member can enter either a new recurring meeting or an impromptu one-off meeting.

The DM Travel calendar should be updated by all DM members with travel and leave dates. The calendar is not visible to the public but is shared to all DM members so they can update it as appropriate.

When you access the link above, you will be presented with a read-only calendar. Select the "+Google" icon at the bottom right of the calendar to have it  displayed with your personal Google calendar(s).

The calendars are both Google calendars. You need a Google account for write-enabled access and that account must be entered into the calendar's settings as your email account. This does not mean you need a gmail account; you may sign up for a Google account using  a non-gmail email account. 

If you are new to DM, provide your Google account email address to Frossie Economou who will update the Google Calendars' setting. You should receive an email notification with your personalized hot-link to the calendar. Follow the instructions in the email to setup google calendars.   Reference the following tutorial: DMTravelCalendar.pdf, for more information on setting up and using the DM calendars.

A Few Useful Links

Some links of interest to DM afficianados:

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  1. The HipChat invite link is indeed no longer active.

    1. Removed the link; added information on how to get an account.