Discussion items / decisions

Highest priority story from each group:

  • Princeton:  DM-4181 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • UW:  DM-4168 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SQUARE:  DM-4555 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; sufficient to define interface (i.e. URLs and how configured) for now, although a minimal implementation should be relatively easy.
  • IPAC: multiple output repositories, see below
  • NCSA: nothing requested at this time, so do DM-4180 - Getting issue details... STATUS  that UW wants 

Main focus in the short term:

  • stories listed above
  • defining interfaces (text and code). Application, storage, I/O interfaces first. Remote access later
  • conceptual design document, including how all the stories fit together
  • pull in stories that impact overall architectural design as needed
  • meeting ~ mid January

Technical discussion

  • Multiple output repositories
    • needed urgently by supertask
    • K-T prefers single output repository with configurable sequence of destinations per dataset type
    • design discussion needed, no story yet
  • Pickling
    • butler should be able to pickle objects  (attempt to do it if possible, not always possible)
    • also, butler should be pickle-able. Not clear how much state butler will keep, if/how to pickle in-memory butler storage

Action items