02C.07.01.01 DMCS (Data Management Control System)
  • DMCS connects to DM Event Services Broker and OCS
  • Starts jobs on replicators, distributors and workers.


02C.07.01.02 Orchestration Manager (LDM-230)
  • Receives processing jobs from DMCS (one for each CCD and wavefront sensor)
  • Receives archiving jobs from DMCS (one for each raft and one for WFS images)
  • Jobs are distributed to worker machines
    • Retrieve template image (by filter and airmass)
    • Retrieve Objects from last Data Release
    • Retrieve master calibration images


02C.03.01 Single Frame Processing Pipeline
CCDs are treated independently for alert processing.
  • Snap processing (per amplifier)
    • Instrumental signature removal
  • Combine snaps into a visit
    • cosmic ray rejection / no warping / assumes perfect alignment
  • Background estimation
  • Determine PSF
  • Extract sources
  • WCS calibration
  • Photometric zero-point


02C.03.04 Image Differencing Pipeline
  • Select appropriate template image (filter/airmass specific)
  • Difference template and visit
  • Detect sources


02C.03.02 Association Pipeline
  • Associate DIASources with DIAObjects or SSObjects
  • Associate DIAObjects with Objects


02C.03.03 Alert Generation Pipeline
  • Retrieve history of detected DIASources
  • Generate alert packets
  • Publish to brokers


02C.01.02.01 Science Data Quality Metrics
  • Calculate additional science quality metrics
  • Summarize metrics (PSF, WCS,…)
  • Publish metrics to OCS


02C.03.06 Moving Object Pipeline
Two versions (LDM-156):
  • NightMOPS predicts the SSObjects that should be seen in a given visit.
    • Coarse ephemerides calculated during day
    • Precise ephemerides calculated at nextVisit trigger
  • DayMOPS takes unassociated DIAObjects and determines whether they are consistent with a solar system object.

also see Level 1 Difference Imaging and Moving Object Processing


02C.06.01.01 Catalogs, Alerts and Metadata
Databases used:
  • Alert database
  • Tracklet database
  • Moving Object Database


02C.05.03 Alert/Notification Toolkit (LDM-130)
  • Display full history of alert
    • include all postage stamps and light curve
    • Object association
    • Possible cross-matching with other catalogs
  • Annotate an alert
  • View previous annotations


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