This page provides a place for the AP team to keep track of past and future configuration investigations.

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doScaleTemplateVariance = True

DM-20558 - Getting issue details... STATUS

No.  Need to determine if should be set to True by default

Nov. 2020: old backlog ticket to investigate scaling down  the variance in some cases needs attention. DM-22396 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Will place


Use psfex as the PSF determiner (now the default)

import lsst.meas.extensions.psfex.psfexPsfDeterminer


DM-25694 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ian Sullivan increasing reduced chisq for PSF candidates to allow crowded field processing (from 3 to 20–enough to have about 100 candidates)

Yes.  Superseded by change to PSFEx.

DM-18687 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meredith Rawls uses this for obs_decam reruns since mid-2019 because sensible defaults are set only in obs_subaru. Also see this Community post.

Yes, but defaults still unset for obs_decam.  Meredith to ticket.


DM-30943 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Lauren MacArthur added this during DC2 processing, but value depends on whether refcats have a reasonable range, whether there are refcat vs. science color differences

Current consensus (July 12, 21) is that this is too dataset-dependent to set a single default.

ip_diffim = 2
Shiu Liu (DESC DIA)'s analysis (10/4/2022) suggests ~50% reduction in artifacts going to a spatial order of 4
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