These services can be used for deleting non-published (the ones that are still ingested) as well as published databases, or tables, including deleting all relevant persistent structures from Qserv (such as CSS records, etc.):

methodresource name

To delete a non-published database (or a table from such database) a client has to provide the normal level authentication key auth_key in a request to the service:


The name of the databases affected by the operation is specified at the resource's path.

Deleting databases (or tables from those databases) that have already been published requires a user to have elevated administrator-level privileges. These privileges are associated with the authentication key admin_auth_key to be sent with a request instead of auth_key:


Upon successful completion of the request (for both above-mentioned states of the database), the service will return the standard response as explained in the section Error reporting in the Rest API. After that, the database (or the table, depending on a scope of a request) name can be reused for further ingests if needed.

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