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Metric tracking dashboards

Rubin science pipelines weekly change log and  Github repo:

Status of jenkins jobs and slack channle for notifications:  #dmj-s_verify_drp_metrics slack channel 

Discussion items

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News, announcements and task review


CI status, bugs, issues of the week

  • verify_drp_metrics CI jobs
  • Check variation in metrics seen last week 

  • Fluctuation still being seen in several metrics - strongly suspect this is due to fixes made to make CI work again a few weeks ago. 
  • Fixes were made to the pipeline in in rc2_subset - (pipelines directory). Was made to inherit as much as possible from obs_subaru. 
  • Jeffrey Carlin  will look into this.  
  • Nulls don't make it to influx so can't alert on these from influx
  • Setup some sort of sanity check of our outputs to alert on metrics not computed. 
  • We will use the same jenkins channel to send these alerts to. 
Faro Development status 
  • Fall 2021 epic DM-30748 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Backlog epic:  DM-29525 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Progress on conversion to parquet
  • TeX conversions
  • KB: No updates on astrometry
  • JC & ED  looked at the TE1 metirc diff at the tract level. Were calculating from deep_coadd_ForcedSource tableand the commparison we should do is from deep_coadd_meas table
  • KB: how shoudl we know this and find the doc? 
  • JC: dug through the yaml policy defns for conveting to parquet.
  • CTS:  schema Browser
    • Units should be described in the schema browser 
    • CTS found bug in html conversopn p units are in the yaml fole for HSC  DM-32749 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TEx metric conversions:

  • Changed the default to use deep_coadd_meas in the base classes. This has mostly fixed the differences seen in comparison with the parquet tables. Still seeing small differences.  Ready for internal team review.  
  • Will ask someone in pipelines to review the implementation of the TEx algorithm, once the internal code change review is done


  • close to done with AA1 metric - needsthe filtering SNR/flag filtering to be updated to work with the parquet format.   DM-32611 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • mostly done with comparison with a complately external catalogue. PoC level. 
  • RHL- take care about problems with the outside catalogues
  • Data processing campaigns  
  • RC2/DC2 reprocessing epic : DM-26911 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • w_2021_40 RC2:   DM-32248 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • w_2021_44 DC2 : DM-32391 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • AuxTel
  • AP/DiffIm
  • AuxTel data reduction is proceeding, currently tweaking PSFEX parameters with Merlin to handle both dense and sparse imaging fields. Next AuxTel run is Dec 6-9, we should have a chance to get another set of imaging data then. Should discuss benefits of adding r' filter of same field before it sets
  • AuxTel is shallower so some exposures cannot be processed out of the box due to fewer stars
  • What is the process to ask deep technical questions and process questions? What channels should be used for what? rubinobs-sitcom-surveys v rubinobs-science-verification

Faro for DP0.2

No news


Potential co-working session ideas here

JOR review tomorrow - some people will not be at cowork

Last meeting of 2021 on 14 December. Meet again in 18 January 2022

List of tasks (Confluence)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Leanne Guy to talk to Science Pipelines (Yusra) about when do this transfer  
19 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-09-28 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Leanne Guy arrange to disucss at a future meeting if there are metrics from PDR3 & this paper that we might want to include in faro.   
26 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-08-31 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin to ask about capturing ideas for improvement to the stellar locus algorithm   
30 Nov 2021 2021-11-09 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin Slater to make a preliminary draft agenda for a workshop to clarify visualization use cases for science verification and validation
Colin Slater2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Jeffrey Carlin to review metric specification package organization and the relationship to formal requirements documents
Jeffrey Carlin2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol Schedule a time to have focused discussion on verification package, potentially next status meeting
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol to make a ticket to better understand mapping of these camera and calibration products characterization efforts to verification documents and the focus of these efforts. Discuss with the SCLT
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes