• Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • Observing run preparation this week.
      • Centroiding code.
    • Continuing issues:
      • DM-27493
      • DM-23284
      • DM-26721
      • DM-26717
      • atmospect migration
      • telescope and site python availability on RSP.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • PTC work.
      • Examine IRLS fits on PTC; DM-27611.
      • Improve rejection at bright end/determine a saturation level; DM-27783.
      • Gen3 conversion; DM-23159.
  • Christopher Waters
    • Brighter-Fatter Kernel work; DM-24704.
    • Start cp_verify work; DM-27485.
      • This likely involves writing/updating DMTN-101.
    • Finish edits to DMTN-148 to explain the as-implemented version.  Better define the CALIBDATE method of grouping calibrations.
  • Robert Lupton
    • Run ComCam in gen3 (currently unsuccessful due to schema changes) as a precursor for AuxTel operations.


The new epics start in December (drp-xyz-s21a), and will switch to the Princeton DM team style planning 1-on-1 meetings.