• Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • DM-27493 - Getting issue details... STATUS Initial assessment of LATISS observing run complete, along with tool generation to make quick analysis easier in the future.
    • DM-23284 - Getting issue details... STATUS Will resync with upstream Spectrator.
    • DM-26721 - Perform analysis of extracted parameters for a sequence of observations In Progress Continue analysis of LATISS datasets.
    • DM-26717 - Tidy up Spectractor shim To Do Tidy up spectractor shim.
    • Migration of atmospect to lsst project.
    • Find a place for the telescope and site python code so it's available on RSP.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • DM-23159 - Make PTC task compatible with RFC-352 In Progress Continue PTC conversion for gen3.
    • PTC code updates merged last week ( DM-27185 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-27438 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-27458 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Enable PTC covariances to always be calculated.  Additional emergent PTC issues as they come up.
    • Current report is that there are 80/1600 amplifiers that have issues with PTC convergence.
    • NYU seminar talk to give.
  • Christopher Waters
    • DM-24704 - Make brighter-fatter correction a subclass of lsst.ip.isr.IsrCalib To Do The PTC dataset is stable, so BFK conversion can start.
    • DM-27484 - Investigate versioned cameras To Do Look into versioned camera implementation.
    • DM-27485 - Design cp_verify To Do Begin cp_verify design work.