• Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • DM-26721 - Getting issue details... STATUS Continue analysis of LATISS datasets at multiple airmass values.
    • DM-26717 - Getting issue details... STATUS Tidy up spectractor shim.
    • Migration of atmospect to lsst project.
    • Check consistency of results at a single airmass (using south pole star?).
    • Find a place for the telescope and site python code so it's available on RSP.
    • Write section of paper for Patrick.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • DM-23159 - Getting issue details... STATUS Continue PTC conversion for gen3.
    • DM-27180 - Getting issue details... STATUS Emergent PTC issues discovered by Craig Lage are nearly all resolved now, with only one remaining
      • DM-27185 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which still needs checking to ensure it resolves the issue.
    • ci_cpp_gen3 integration of PTC.
  • Christopher Waters
    • DM-25424 - Getting issue details... STATUS ci_cpp_gen3 Jenkins issues are resolved, so now Defects conversion needs to add a gen3 integration test before review.
    • DM-26944 - Getting issue details... STATUS Quick code migration of cpCertify code has turned into adding this functionality as a butler command.
    • DM-27168 - Getting issue details... STATUS Filter is being reworked, and I'm removing FilterProperty calls.  I am hopeful this Filter rework will make converting Curve unnecessary.
    • DM-24704 - Getting issue details... STATUS The PTC dataset is stable, so BFK conversion can start.
    • Diagnose Saturation/Interpolation confusion.
  • Robert Lupton
    • IHS-4230 - Getting issue details... STATUS Determine status of BOT ingestion at NCSA.
    • Start ComCam ingestion.
      • Auto ingestion in Chile, with bias/calibration production automation.
    • Beginning Milestone Integration Team
      • Late January goal to have ComCam processing running in Chile, with calibration production.

Comment on versioned cameras from Jim Bosch:

"There is really no problem with versioned cameras in the core Gen3 middleware right now. The problem is all of the higher-level pipelines (especially in CPP) and obs_* package code that assumes it's possible to get a camera without providing any temporal information for the lookup (like lookupStaticCalibration in cp_pipe, and probably similar stuff in ingest and the raw formatters). I think the path towards actually having versioned cameras is addressing all of those bits of code on a case-by-case basis, and I suspect that will need to involve defining some kind of "nominal camera" dataset that still isn't versioned, but should never be used (either by convention or some new code somewhere) to get some things."