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(Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.)

0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT

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  • Andrey Bobyshev
  • Gisella Kapus


  • Coordination of networking activities across Rubin Observatory

Discussion items






NET Action Items Status

Reminder: Work on your action items: International Communications (aka Long-Haul Networks)

Network activities schedule (subject to COVID19 impacts):

January - Continued work on  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA). 

February - Completed draft  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA).

March - Scheduled Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review for May 18 - 19

April - Prepare for Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review.  Submit LSST Change Request to update LSE-78 Rubin Observatory Network Design (including Chilean, International, and US networks), and related milestones in PMCS.   Complete LDM-732 Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-verification Baseline.

May - Complete FY19, FY20 NET Reports and Technical Document

June - Conduct and respond to actions from Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review.  Meet with GlobalNOC re VNOC support.

July  - Pre-Ops Rehearsal 2 testing.

August - Ops Rehearsal 2/Pre-verification testing.

September - Cisco ACI review, Huawei analysis 

October - Start Verification Testing, LS restart, LS - SCL 40G upgrade. (hopefully) - 

November - Update Rubin Observatory Operations & Management Plan, Network Contracts and SLAs.

Update on CONUS Networks

CONUS Networks, including ESnet:

The IDF was selected, it is Google. There is an official announcement about it. PoC did it by KT, some infrastructure will be left to leverage the IDF. KT will continue doing tests.

Cristián Silva will find the report of the PoC and distribute it to the LHN-NET

Jeronimo Bezerra MTU was set to a very low value, might be only necessary for the test and not necessary for the future. Cristián Silva to confirm this.

Chilean/International Networks Update

Developments in La Serena and end-to-end service to NCSA for upcoming Auxiliary Telescope Traffic and general (internet, mail, voice) traffic:

Cisco ACI review took place during September, the recommendation is to change to NX-OS. This only affects the LAN and not the LHN

Base only essential work, Summit starting and could be finished next week.

40G backup link can not be done yet, AURA does not classify this activity as essential, there are frequent outages in the main link due to social unrest, so this activity is becoming more needed. 

Jeronimo Bezerra Stgo - Bs Aires link is ready, provided by Silica. By end of this month, Bs Aires - Porto Alegre segment (CenturyLink) should be in.

NCSA - CC-IN2P3 Networks update

Matt Kollross

Richard Hughes-Jones

Stuart McLellan

NCSA - CC- IN2P3 network:

Renetar Lyon - Geneve link being upgraded.  Lyon-Geneve-GEANT-ANA to become path for NCSA ↔ IN2P3.

New diagram in preparation. 

Update for the next meeting. 

Other Discussion Topics

By topic

Rubin Observatory Network Verification: Jeff Kantor

Transitioning to Cristián Silva, still pending. 

Jeff Kantor will post the link to the Network Verification report. 

Cristián Silva to add a verification test to trans-Atlantic. 

Rubin Observatory Networks, SLAs for Operations: Jeff Kantor

The beginning of November will revisit this topic. 

Virtual NOC: Jeronimo BezerraRon LambertAlbert AstudilloMatt Kollross Vincenzo Capone

Julio, Jeff, Phil, and Cristian met to review the proposal. The answer will be sent before the end of October. Needed to verify with stakeholders the value of the proposal. Julio Ibarra will verify the recurring costs. Upon reception of recurring costs,  Jeff Kantorwill organize a meeting with Cristian and Bob to analyze the value for Rubin. 

Net operators see value in having a Virtual NOC

Network Security:

Developed a proposal with requirements of Rubin, NSF, and DOE, still under review. The final version should be done by the end of the month. Jeff Kantorwill present to upper management. Julio Ibarra Jeronimo Bezerraand Inder to provide technical support. 

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planning

Joshua Hoblitt , Renata Frez , Matt Kollross , ESnet folks

Nothing to report, all work completed. Item will be removed for next meeting. 

Other businessAny

Comments about the IDF and its function. 

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings:  


All meetings at 0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items