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Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • Running Spectractor on AuxTel spectra.
    • Hitting technical problems with multiprocessing.
    • But basically has everything running well, incl. proper motion and parallax correction to centroiding.
    • Looking for this data in Vizier, but not getting it for all of our targets.
      • Why not refcats? Because it's not easy to retrieve a target by name from them.
  • Photodiode data for BOT readings.
    • DM-26632, DM-26633 to be high priority.
  • What comes next?
    • Sanity-checking the results being obtained from Spectractor.
    • Working with Jeremy to bring in new commits to Spectractor.
    • Start looking at difference imaging and see how well that works.
      • Aiming to work around crowded fields.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Working with a bunch of tickets with Craig, he's filing bugs
    • DM-26595, DM-26616, DM-26641.
  • Reviewing linearity tickets for Chris (DM-26703).
  • Implementation of LVV-57 (RFC-726); filed by Chris with some comments for Andrés.
  • Running Camera Team code at NCSA (DM-26350).
    • Bright pixels, dark current tasks: gets similar results to the stack, but not the same.
    • RHL wants bias/dark/flat/PTC stuff done routinely for ComCam; wants there to be no discrepancies with Camera code.
    • Discrepancies on other things (e.g. defect detection are less important).
    • Expects to continue pushing on this next week.
  • Conversion of PTC task to Gen3 (DM-21786). Now ready to push on this; started working on it.
    • Continue working on that too.
  • Following that, can work on conversion of BF and defects to Gen3.

Christopher Waters

  • RFC-726 is important.
    • DMTN-101 needs to be finished in this context.
    • We discussed the details of formal verification vs. useful scientific validation.
    • Expecting this RFC to wrap up by the end of the month, then devote October to this.
    • Overlap with an upcoming SITCOM technote, and then an Ops Rehearsal.
    • Priority is supporting upcoming (in the process of being defined) integration milestones.
  • ci_cpp merged to lsst-dm; needs migrating to the lsst organization; coming this week.
    • This should include getting it into Jenkins (DM-26170).
  • Working on a spline-based linearity correction.
    • RHL suggests using Scipy splines, rather than afw.
    • There is PFS code that may be relevant.
  • Then converting curves and defects to the new calibrations standard; may need some input from Simon Krughoff.

Robert Lupton

  • Working on G3 conversion of BOT data. Question of filters.