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Christopher Waters

  • ci_cpp now is more like other packages.
    • Still using SCons, but “better”.
    • RHL helped sort out the remaining dependency issues that Chris was struggling with.
    • Will “strongly suggest” to Tim that this is done and will just be merged closed.
    • There's another ticket for making sure it's included in Jenkins; DM-26170; that'll be next in line.
    • Folks will update the package
  • Then onto other Gen3 conversion work.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • DM-26453 bug fix.
  • Working DM-26350, running Camera code at NCSA.
    • Has already got CTI code running.
    • Was discouraged by Camera team (Snyder) from working on crosstalk code; Robert Lupton wants to press on this.
      • Not ok for the Camera team to tell us we can't run things at NCSA.
    • What is the next priority?
      • RHL: confirm that dark current numbers from DM correspond to the camera team calculations. Then noise levels.
        • Note this means both  running the eotest code, and comparing the results to DM outputs.
        • Working with Christopher Waters to make sure these tests are compatible with his V&V code.

Robert Lupton

  • ComCam integration plan:
    • Bias, dark, flat, PTC curves are the first things we'll want validation for.
    • RHL is working this from the project end, and wants us to have the tools ready to go.

No meeting next week, because it's Labor Day. Happy holidays!