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Christopher Waters

  • ci_cpp in review.
    • Griping from Tim about SCons; Chris going to rip it and just use Python.
    • Hoping to have this merged shortly.
    • Note that ci_cpp implements a bunch of tests from LVV-57 / DMTN-101; these are not currently all successful.
      • Will be using LATISS data in CI (for now), but can be retargeted to other data.
        • Data package is “tied loosely” to the tests.
      • Failures will not block things going into CI; the failing tests can be commented out for now.
    • Works in both G2 and G3.
  • Chris also wrote the code to leave the overscan in the biases with corresponding work on ISR; now in review with RHL.

Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • DM-24592 is “done” except for being merged and marked as complete.
  • Wrote “some very useful tools for myself” last week.
    • This are on SIT-COM effort, and are not relevant for DM.
    • RHL is pushing on making the SIT-COM work more accountable.
    • Will be asking Chris for a review on this work.
  • Needs to take account of proper motion & parallax.
    • There should be code available to take account of these in the stack; see e.g. Jointcal as a consumer.
    • There will be a separate ticket for this.
  • Then a further ticket to work on image differencing.
  • Planning to work on some of the spurious warnings that are currently being issued with BOT data.
    • Most of them might just be demoted to “debug” until G3 is available which will make them easier to fix

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Tried to reproduce DM-26166, but couldn't find a problem.
    • Craig agrees there is no issue here, so claimed as done.
  • DM-25711:
    • Chris provided a bunch of comments which Andrés has responded to.
    • Used LATISS, BOT, simulated data, recording gains and noise.
      • Convinced based on the simulated data that this code is doing the right thing.
    • Chris is happy that this ticket is broadly done assuming Andrés has given good responses to his comments.; will file further tickets for any cleanup work.
  • Met with the Camera team last week, going over slides for the PST.
  • Planning to work on a review for DM-23302 / Chris.
  • Working with Jim Chiang to reproduce some of his tests at NCSA.
    • Still needs to ticket this.
    • Should make a master ticket which has a list of everything which needs reproducing (update: DM-26350)
      • Then spawn follow-up tickets from that.
    • Robert prioritises e.g. Snyder's CTI talk.

Robert Lupton

  • Working with SITCOM to structure the way that the project is working.
    • Connect the Camera-OCS side of the world with the DM side of the world.
  • Prepping for PST talk.
    • 5pm Eastern on Wednesday.
    • Robert will send around a link.