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Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • Has been on vacation.
  • Plans to:
    • Have a chat with somebody about source selectors; probably Chris Morrison.
    • Merge DM-24592, which is ready to go.
    • Worry about definition of filters.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Finishing comments on Sensor Characterization and ISR page; DM-25954.
  • Wants, in conjunction with RHL, to start running Camera code at NCSA.
    • Concrete actions:
      • What data has been processed by the Camera Team?
      • What scripts have they run?
      • Note that RHL asserts that every effect listed on the Sensor Characterization and ISR page should be covered by either a diagnostic or tool which generates mitigations.
      • We should have a prioritised list of effects that Andrés will work through.
    • Top priorities are crosstalk, bias stability.
  • Still working on DM-25711.
  • And going to start looking at DM-26166.
    • Which is higher priority than getting the Camera code to NCSA.

Christopher Waters

  • Focusing on ci_cpp this week (DM-23302); adding:
    • Correctness checks
    • Comparisons between G2 and G3.
  • RFC expires later this week, at which point ci_cpp can go into CI.
  • Will be moving defects from meas_algorithms to ip_isr.
    • Later this week. 
    • Needs some thought to avoid dependency loops.
    • RHL can provide advice as necessary.
  • Will take a day off later this week.

Robert Lupton

  • This is an opportune time to start doing regular calibration production at NCSA.