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Christopher Waters

  • MeasureCrosstalk almost done; failed Jenkins, but it should be doable quicky.
    • May go to one of Andrés & John for a sign-off before merging.
  • Next thing is to get ci_cpp functional.
    • Already found bugs using this.
    • Worried about a slowdown on creating defects; doesn't seem to finish in finite time. (Please file a new ticket for this!)
      • This is the only blocker on ci_cpp gen2.
      • This is not expected.
    • Gen3 ci_cpp keeps running git-lfs in the data repository to compare itself with upstream; very slow.
      • Not clear why this is happening; Chris will ask on Slack if he can't get to the bottom of it soon.
    • DM-23302.
  • Trying to bring unity to transmission curves on DM-25425; seems like obs_lsst and obs_subaru use completely different implementations.
    • And worrying about efficiency of the afw implementation.
    • This is hard; touches a bunch of things, so we want to get ci_cpp in place first.
  • Next step will be to identify metrics we need to track in ci_cpp.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Took part in DESC meeting.
  • Addressing bugs found by Craig Lage in PTC curves.
    • DM-25984 (now resolved) (thumbs up)
    • DM-26067 (also resolved) (thumbs up)
    • DM-25934 (also resolved) (thumbs up)
  • Working on addressing RHL's comments on the Sensor Characterization and ISR page; not done yet.
    • Drafting comments in a 15 page Google doc.
    • This is converging, but involves a lot of chasing people.
    • After this is done, we will call a meeting of this group + RHL to run through these notes and make sure appropriate tickets are filed; these will form Andrés' next tranche of work.
  • Worked on DM-25711, QA from the PTC task
    • Being reviewed by Christopher Waters
    • Gains look ok 
    • Can recover gains and noise from simulated data with high accuracy.
    • In LATISS data, sometimes the noise doesn't converge.
      • Trying to adjust the type of fit to address this.
  • Will be taking the rest of this week off (going camping).