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(Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.)

0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT

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Meeting ID: 602 918 755

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  • Coordination of networking activities across Rubin Observatory

Discussion items






NET Action Items Status

Reminder: Work on your action items: International Communications (aka Long-Haul Networks)

Documentation updates schedule (subject to COVID19 impacts):

January - Continued work on  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA). 

February - Completed draft  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA).

March - Scheduled Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review for May 18 - 19

April - Prepare for Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review.  Submit LSST Change Request to update LSE-78 Rubin Observatory Network Design (including Chilean, International, and US networks), to baseline Technical Document, and related milestones in PMCS.   Complete LDM-732 Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-verification Baseline.

May - Conduct and respond to actions from Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review.

June  - Develop draft Rubin Observatory Operations Network SLAs.  Meet with GlobalNOC re VNOC support.

Update on CONUS Networks

CONUS Networks, including ESnet:

Debugging with Nokia ingress issue with VPLS buffer allocation in Atlanta, affects both sides.  Met to discuss 100G upgrade, using internet2, developing options to connect Marietta (FIU) and Peachtree (ESnet).  In FY22, dedicated Boca - Atlanta link will be in place, internet2 will only be backup.  Jeff Kantor updated network "cloud" diagrams in LSE-78 and Technical Document to show this.

Chilean/International Networks Update

Developments in La Serena and end-to-end service to NCSA for upcoming Auxiliary Telescope Traffic and general (internet, mail, voice) traffic:

Near term work to coordinate: IT-1762 (and placeholder SUMMIT-3917) - Plan for atarchiver/LATISS switch-over to LSST network (e.g. ungang atarchiver network ports), LSE-309 backbones/separation of traffic.  DM confirmed that Operations Rehearsal 2 (date TBD) will transfer LATISS data over LSST network.

Summit is shut-down, all operations moved to Base. ComCAM is being installed in Base Data Center. Servers were racked (should have been on summit, this is temporary). Network connections being set up; Brian Stalder working on configuring servers, etc.

Albert Astudillo says Telefonica are ready to install LS - SCL backup link.  Should have been ready by end of June, but pandemic will delay, probably July.  Meanwhile working with fiber between Telefonica LS and AURA LS.  No progress on negotiating down costs for increasing 40G to 100G.

NCSA - CC-IN2P3 Networks updateMatt Kollross

NCSA - CC- IN2P3 network:

Jeff Kantor  Got data volume statistics from Kian-Tat Lim , described increase of data volume between NCSA and IN2P3 over time for DRP. 

Other Discussion Topics

By topic

Rubin Observatory Network Technical Document Update:  Julio IbarraJeff Kantor

Need to be ready for LCR to LSE-78 and submit LCR to baseline this document prior to Pre-Verification Review, publish to review web site on May 1, 2020.  Finishing Tech Document:

  • Change introduction to be a spec/baseline document, not a meeting report
    Change future tense to present tense, as currently configured
    Appendix? to indicate only known changes needed before FY22 start of operations
    Future demonstrations sections change orientation to ongoing maintenance/testing

Rubin Observatory Network Verification: Jeff Kantor

Network Pre-Verification Review charge circulated, review package due May 1, review May 18 - 19 (virtual meeting).  Network architects to update their sections of Tech Document with "as-is" prior to April 24, then we will add "FY22 final" notes in.

Rubin Observatory Networks, SLAs for Operations: Jeff Kantor

Waiting for decision on US Data Facility, number 1 recommendation from Director's Review is for agencies to make decision asap.

Virtual NOC: Jeronimo BezerraRon LambertAlbert AstudilloMatt Kollross Vincenzo Capone

We filled out GlobalNOC network assessment questionnaire. Need to Schedule demonstration and follow-up discussion, after pre-verification review, probably early June. Julio Ibarra circulate questionnaire to other operators to add their responses.  ACTION ITEM

Network Security:

There was a data security summit with NSF, DOE on April 6.  Went over networks, data flows.  Lots of questions about securing networks.  Possible outcomes include nothing, holding data for a period, encryption.

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planning

Now have nightly tests in place, just need to add automated script to trigger nightly.  Waiting on debugging ESnet issue to implement.  Jeronimo Bezerrawill add description to E2E Test Plan and we will refer to it in Tech document. ACTION ITEM

Other businessAny

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings:  

 -   Virtual Face to Face NET meeting (following SAACC meeting   -  ) 

All meetings at 0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items 

  •   Julio Ibarra circulate GlobalNOC questionnaire to other operators to add their responses.  Jeff Kantor collect responses, notify GlobalNOC about meeting in June (after review).   
  •  Jeronimo Bezerrawill add description of nightly testing to E2E Test Plan (we will refer to it in Tech document).