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Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • It is sunny and raining in London.
  • Quiet week last week; continuing to work from home.
  • Had a useful meeting with Jeremy.
  • Aim for sprint planning next week (Tuesday 7th at 9am).

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Working on DM-23044.
    • With help from Chris.
    • Now working! And in review!
    • Long discussion with the middleware team about this.
  • Merged DM-23681.
  • Waiting on review of DM-23623.
  • Reviewed weak lensing paper for the project. 
  • Coming up:
    • Expecting comments on DM-23044.
    • Checking if the linearizer is making a correction which makes sense.
      • Will use AuxTel data.
      • By checking for non-linearity residual; there is already a metric in the code.
      • Then check in with RHL to see if there are other criteria he thinks are necessary.
      • Worried that LUTs will take a lot of time in I/O. Slow YAML parsing? We don't need to get to the bottom of that on this ticket, but should be aware that we almost certainly can't avoid LUTs entirely.
        • Andrés will ticket LUT performance for future investigation.